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RDW’s Latest Positive Change: Incentric Digital Marketing

February 1st, 2017 Posted by News No Comment yet
It’s easy to feel cliché when talking about change, for good reason: Because change is the basic truth of all things. At RDW Group, we’re devoted to change for the better. We strive to make positive change happen — in part, by changing ourselves. Our latest and perhaps most exciting development is the launch of Incentric, our digital specialty group. Incentric Digital Marketing is our agency’s pace-setter and growth node. This nimble team, along with supporting resources throughout the agency, is accelerating our client’s adoption of digital tools. Incentric is helping a wide range of organizations shape the thoughts and behaviors of their audiences in exciting new ways.

We’d like to share just a few of the many epiphanies we’ve enjoyed thus far on this journey. We hope they’ll be helpful as you think about your own digital marketing future.

  1. Embrace experimentation.
  2. This is a must for client and agency alike. Digital marketing is about trial, learning and adapting. To borrow an Eastern thought, we find perfection in imperfection.

  3. This is a human-centered affair.
  4. While marketing is awash in data, technology and process, the underlying phenomena concern beautifully unpredictable human thoughts, emotions and behaviors.

  5. It only looks easy.
  6. Don’t be fooled by the easy-to-use tools and ready access to deep data. Producing content, sustaining online communities and nurturing leads are labor-intensive endeavors that require planning, effort and incredible attention to detail.

    Beyond the exciting new approach and capabilities, what makes Incentric Digital Marketing extra-special is the in-house access to RDW Group (our full-service advertising and public relations agency) and iFactory (our interactive strategy, design and development team). Together, they facilitate the entire lifespan of a consumer relationship.

    How is your own change story going? We hope you’ll have an opportunity to cross paths with our Incentric team some time soon. It very well may change the way you do business and see success — for the better, of course.

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