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2018 digital marketing trends

Digital Marketing Trends: What to Look Out for in 2018

March 16th, 2018 Posted by Social Media, Strategy No Comment yet

As is always the way with digital marketing, a new year brings a number of new changes and technologies. With a few months under our belt already, here are some of the digital marketing trends, tools, platforms, and changes we see coming our way.

Practical Voice

The more we engage with content constantly throughout the day, the more users are seeking a more approachable brand voice. With all the clutter, speaking like a human just makes sense. For example, brands like Dollar Shave Club use a casual tone from their taglines, all the way to their product descriptions. Phrases like “tested on interns, not animals” help users relate to the brand and generate loyalty. Showcasing their socially responsible values, in addition to a comedic edge. I think we all witnessed the supply-chain-flub-turned-social-media-victor campaign from KFC UK. Or, take a look at Basecamp. From the outside, they might seem like a boring project management tool (sorry, Basecamp). Take a look at their content, however, and you’ll be surprised. I mean, they even use the word “damn” on their about page. Look for more of this as brands look to cut loose a bit in 2018. (more…)


Sarah Johnson is the Director of Digital Marketing Services with Incentric. She’s a recreational sports enthusiast and is driven by the opportunity to connect people through truly impactful digital strategies. You’ll know it’s her by her “irresistible” fake British accent and steady stream of quips.

buyer journey lead nurture

Love & Lead Nurturing: The Art of Wooing Your Way through the Buyer’s Journey

February 20th, 2018 Posted by Content Marketing, Marketing Automation, Strategy No Comment yet

Picture this. You’re finishing up dessert at a swanky, new restaurant with a seemingly wonderful guy. You start out a little unsure – it’s your very first date – but as the night draws on, you warm up to him. He has all the right qualities. He’s smart. He’s engaging. He’s the kind of guy your mom would call a “keeper”. Then, just as the waiter comes by with the check, he smiles and pulls a small, velvet box from the pocket of his blazer. He locks eyes with yours, gets down on one knee, and asks you to be his forever.


Marisa Meyers is an expert digital marketing strategist with 8 years’ experience and an unhealthy obsession with zombies. When she isn’t helping clients develop buyer personas, map customer journeys or otherwise navigate the complex world of digital marketing, you will find her binge watching all 6 seasons of the Walking Dead.

digital personalization

Let’s Get Personal: Increase Engagement with Digital Personalization

January 5th, 2018 Posted by Marketing Automation, Strategy No Comment yet

What is Digital Personalization?

You’ve been there, sifting through your inbox, deleting irrelevant emails, asking yourself why you get so much junk. Or landing on a company’s homepage only to be overwhelmed with options and left wondering why you came. Consumers decide quickly, often in a matter of seconds, whether or not they like a marketing message. Marketers must take a personal approach to reach their potential customers for a better chance at capturing their attention and approval. (more…)


Dave is a Digital Engagement Specialist with Incentric. Fascinated by the way buyers make purchase decisions, you’ll find him creating engaging content, mapping automation workflows or trying to keep up with the ever-changing world of digital marketing. If not that, he’s probably out cruising the open road on his motorcycle or catching a bite to eat at a new restaurant.

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6 Ways to Improve the ROI of Your Paid Social Media Campaigns

December 19th, 2017 Posted by Social Media, Strategy No Comment yet

As organic reach continues to decline, the value of the paid social media dollar is climbing. With an estimated $41 Billion worldwide spent on social media advertising in 2017, it’s clear that brands are seeing real value in this digital marketing tactic. But how can you improve the ROI of your paid social media campaigns to get the most bang for your buck? (more…)


Kaitlyn Delaney is a Social Media Strategist with a “minor” hashtag obsession. When she’s not tweeting, pinning, or ‘gramming you can find her traveling and hitting the beach, hopefully at the same time.


Why Measure Cost Per Acquisition?

December 8th, 2017 Posted by Integrated Analytics, Strategy No Comment yet

Cost Per Acquisition is an important metric that can help you gain useful insights on true return on investment. If you haven’t already, we recommend starting off by learning why a digital measurement plan is an important first step in your marketing strategy.

One of the primary concerns facing businesses today is determining whether or not a current, or previous, marketing strategy is effective. When allocating funds and investing not only resources but time into various channels and tactics, it’s important to know if these efforts are producing tangible results. Measuring cost per acquisition is one of the ways that you can gain this insight. (more…)


Lauren Coulombe is a Marketing Intern in pursuit of a degree in Marketing and Sociology. When she’s not working or at school, you could most likely find her pretending she was somewhere warmer with her family. Appreciate the small things.