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The Difference Between Millennials and Generation Z

March 21st, 2019 Posted by Strategy No Comment yet

When we think of the future of marketing, what comes to mind? Social media, technology, and millennials. Many companies, especially those dipping their toe into the pool of online media, are studying everything “millennial” – what they like, care about, and want to put their money in.

Much research has been done to study this generation to determine how to target them and get their attention. We have found that they value experiences more than products, which is why companies like GoPro, Uber, and Coachella are on the rise in this experience economy. But while we know what this generation wants, are we sure we know who they are? True millennials as those born between 1981-1996, making them adults under 40. So why are they so often looked at as “kids”? If millennials are all adults, then who is the next generation we should have on our radar? (more…)

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Five Ways To Say Thank You To Your Customers

November 21st, 2018 Posted by Strategy No Comment yet

Every Thanksgiving comes and goes and we take the time to give thanks to the special people in our lives, and that should include our customers. Part of what we do as marketers is to create a brand that your customers want to be involved with. No matter the industry, the product or service that your business offers, with the right messaging, strategy and dedication to your customer, you can build strong brand loyalty. This Thanksgiving, we’ve come up with five ways that you can to say thank you to your customers. (more…)

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Why Your Brand Needs an App

November 14th, 2018 Posted by Strategy No Comment yet

“There’s an app for that!” This iconic phrase coined (and later trademarked) by Apple in the mid-2000’s has shown to be borderline prophetic as the rest of the mobile phone market followed suit with a top priority on their developer ecosystems.

From 2011-2017, the Apple App Store alone saw in increase of over 2 million new apps approved for circulation. The rise of apps has breathed new life into the industries of gaming, banking technology, social media, and just about everything in between. What was once perceived as a novelty or reserved tactic for only the largest companies has now become an accessible and pivotal part of marketing strategies across the board.  

Why the rapid shift to an app-centric mobile experience? There are a handful of reasons that make these custom brand conduits a great fit for your business objectives.


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3 Gardening Tips To Help Cultivate Your Marketing Campaign

August 29th, 2018 Posted by Strategy No Comment yet

Three lessons from a (wannabe) gardener on how to optimize your marketing campaign, integration and outcomes.

If you’re a gardener, you’re already excited about this parallel. If you’re not, you probably thinking I’ve just lost it… but give me a minute here. Cultivating your marketing campaign goes beyond the obvious “grow your garden/grow your business” analogy. There are so many more takeaways – planning, integration, and evaluation – that enhance the whole spectrum of your efforts.

Used in different contexts, “cultivate” means “to prepare” and “to foster.” Both contexts apply to gardening and to marketing. Here are three ways you can apply it to cultivating your next marketing campaign for more strategic execution and measurable outcomes. (more…)

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Why You Should Consider Niche Social Media Platforms as Part of your Social Media Strategy

May 30th, 2018 Posted by Social Media, Strategy No Comment yet

The world of social media is fragmenting and while the big players aren’t going anywhere soon (even with the recent Cambridge Analytica drama) it seems like new platforms are emerging everywhere, each tailored to its own unique niche. From gamers and beer lovers to students and engineers you name it and there’s probably a social network (or app) for it.

The idea of niche social media platforms isn’t new. In fact, they’ve existed in some form for a while now since Reddit and Tumblr first hit the scene. Recently, they’ve been growing in popularity with brands and users alike. Social media is supposed to be social after all. People want to connect with people like them and these new platforms are making it easier than ever. (more…)