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Which Snapchat Ad Product is Right for You?

July 31st, 2018 Posted by Social Media No Comment yet

Learn which Snapchat ads to enlist – or avoid – in your next marketing initiative.

Let’s talk Snapchat. You know, that app that “the kids” are using with the funny filters (that’s also a powerful marketing medium for your business). Snapchat has over 187 million average daily users and 71% of those users are under 34 years old. With more than 400 million stories being created every single day and the average user opening the app more than 25 times a day, Snapchat Ads are becoming a marketer’s playground.

First off, you need to determine whether Snapchat is the right social media platform to use to advertise your business. Snapchat offers many different ad products, but not all of them will work for you or fit with your budget. Between Snapchat Ads, Sponsored Geofilters, Sponsored Lenses, Story Ads and more, how do you choose which product is right for your business and will help you reach your end goals? Well, this is where we step in. (more…)


Hayley is a social media strategist at Incentric. When she’s not working or at the beach, you can usually find her dreaming about traveling back to Italy or all over the world for that matter.


10 Dos and Don’ts of Influencer Marketing

July 17th, 2018 Posted by Social Media No Comment yet

Within the ever-changing world of social media, brands are embracing influencer marketing as the latest and greatest tactic to build brand awareness and promote social media engagement. Influencer marketing is a form of digital PR that allows brands and influencers to form partnerships that promote the brand on social media while compensating the influencer. Today, influencer marketing has proven an extremely viable marketing and advertising strategy for many brands. However, as with any marketing tactic, there are some Dos and Don’ts you should consider before you jump head first into influencer marketing. (more…)

Lilly Howell is a Digital Engagement Intern with Incentric interested in the ever-changing world of digital marketing.  When she’s not busy learning about digital marketing and PR you’ll find her shopping or at one of Rhode Island’s wonderful beaches or restaurants.


6 Ways to Use Twitter for Business to Business Marketing

June 27th, 2018 Posted by Social Media No Comment yet

Learn 6 secrets to seeing results using Twitter for business to business (B2B) marketing.

When it comes to supporting your B2B marketing efforts with social media it seems like everyone is flocking to LinkedIn, but while the professional network can be a great platform to see success and engage with prospects (more on that here) it’s not the only one.  In fact, 87% of B2B marketers are already using Twitter to distribute content, build credibility, reach audiences across the funnel, and generate leads.

So, how can you start seeing results with Twitter for business to business marketing? (more…)


Kaitlyn Delaney is a Social Media Strategist with a “minor” hashtag obsession. When she’s not tweeting, pinning, or ‘gramming you can find her traveling and hitting the beach, hopefully at the same time.


Why You Should Consider Niche Social Media Platforms as Part of your Social Media Strategy

May 30th, 2018 Posted by Social Media, Strategy No Comment yet

The world of social media is fragmenting and while the big players aren’t going anywhere soon (even with the recent Cambridge Analytica drama) it seems like new platforms are emerging everywhere, each tailored to its own unique niche. From gamers and beer lovers to students and engineers you name it and there’s probably a social network (or app) for it.

The idea of niche social media platforms isn’t new. In fact, they’ve existed in some form for a while now since Reddit and Tumblr first hit the scene. Recently, they’ve been growing in popularity with brands and users alike. Social media is supposed to be social after all. People want to connect with people like them and these new platforms are making it easier than ever. (more…)


Kaitlyn Delaney is a Social Media Strategist with a “minor” hashtag obsession. When she’s not tweeting, pinning, or ‘gramming you can find her traveling and hitting the beach, hopefully at the same time.


The Key Difference Between Macro and Micro Influencers

May 24th, 2018 Posted by Social Media No Comment yet

We’re often asked when it comes to influencer marketing whether bigger influencers equate to greater returns. The discussion of whether to use a macro influencer versus a micro influencer has gained a lot of attention in the last few years and for good reason. As social media and digital PR continue to dominate, influencers are gaining popularity in almost all conceivable fields. (more…)


Stephanie Smith is a Digital Engagement Strategist who relishes in crafting content that is exciting and educational. When she’s not creating buyer personas, journeys, and digital assets you can find her scouting local happenings, places to eat, and events online. After all, digital is best way to stay in the know!