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Love & Lead Nurturing: The Art of Wooing Your Way through the Buyer’s Journey

February 20th, 2018 Posted by Content Marketing, Marketing Automation, Strategy No Comment yet

Picture this. You’re finishing up dessert at a swanky, new restaurant with a seemingly wonderful guy. You start out a little unsure – it’s your very first date – but as the night draws on, you warm up to him. He has all the right qualities. He’s smart. He’s engaging. He’s the kind of guy your mom would call a “keeper”. Then, just as the waiter comes by with the check, he smiles and pulls a small, velvet box from the pocket of his blazer. He locks eyes with yours, gets down on one knee, and asks you to be his forever.


Marisa Meyers is an expert digital marketing strategist with 8 years’ experience and an unhealthy obsession with zombies. When she isn’t helping clients develop buyer personas, map customer journeys or otherwise navigate the complex world of digital marketing, you will find her binge watching all 6 seasons of the Walking Dead.

Lead Generation vs Demand Generation: Why They’re Better Together

November 14th, 2017 Posted by Content Marketing, Strategy No Comment yet

While lead generation and demand generation are often used interchangeably, they are not the same. When used together, however, they make quite the powerful team. After all, without a demand, there can be no lead. Let’s take a closer look at lead generation vs demand generation. (more…)


Marisa Arce is a Social media Intern, with a passion for writing, and an obsession with social media. When she’s not at URI finishing up her senior year, you can find her obsessing over dogs on Instagram or binge-watching scary movies.

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What You Should Know About Buyer Personas

October 26th, 2017 Posted by Content Marketing No Comment yet

The term, buyer persona, has most likely presented itself a few times throughout your career in marketing. Whether you have a general understanding, use the word loosely in daily conversation or overlook that fact that you might have no idea what it means, understanding buyer personas is essential to your strategic marketing execution. (more…)


Hayley is a social media coordinator at Incentric. When she’s not working or at the beach, you can usually find her dreaming about traveling back to Italy or all over the world for that matter.

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The Role of Content Marketing in the Engineering of Cornell’s CollabSpace

October 5th, 2017 Posted by Content Marketing, Higher Education No Comment yet

Content marketing is vital for brands looking to connect with their audiences. Relevant, useful content has the power to teach, engage, and build trust with your audience in ways you never could with traditional tactics. But the benefits increase exponentially when you also tap into user-generated content to harness the power of community. (more…)


Chris DiSano is the talented wearer of many hats: a former practicing attorney and current nationally-recognized Atlantic 10 basketball conference media maven, Chris is presently leading client engagements in the higher education, scholarly publishing, healthcare and real estate sectors. If you want to talk college hoops this (or any) month, follow him on Twitter @CDiSano44.

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The Key to College and University Branding in a Digital Age

July 18th, 2017 Posted by Content Marketing, Higher Education, Strategy No Comment yet

With so much competition in the higher education space, sometimes it can feel impossible to differentiate your institution. And that’s because it’s incredibly challenging. In years past, the key to college and university branding might’ve been killer direct mailers or beautiful collateral. While both of those examples are still important, the current climate requires cutting through the clutter more effectively. (more…)


Sarah Johnson is the Director of Digital Marketing Services with Incentric. She’s a recreational sports enthusiast and is driven by the opportunity to connect people through truly impactful digital strategies. You’ll know it’s her by her “irresistible” fake British accent and steady stream of quips.