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Young People Covered in Paint and Taking a Selfie

The Difference Between Millennials and Generation Z

March 21st, 2019 Posted by Strategy No Comment yet

When we think of the future of marketing, what comes to mind? Social media, technology, and millennials. Many companies, especially those dipping their toe into the pool of online media, are studying everything “millennial” – what they like, care about, and want to put their money in.

Much research has been done to study this generation to determine how to target them and get their attention. We have found that they value experiences more than products, which is why companies like GoPro, Uber, and Coachella are on the rise in this experience economy. But while we know what this generation wants, are we sure we know who they are? True millennials as those born between 1981-1996, making them adults under 40. So why are they so often looked at as “kids”? If millennials are all adults, then who is the next generation we should have on our radar? (more…)